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Raechelle Rae Johnson


Branding Strategist Dr. (h.c.) Raechelle “Rae” Johnson, CEO of Kreative Ink LLC, influences and inspires brand reputation through strategic delivery enabling companies–program growth and performance. Depended on providing insight and stakeholders’ perceptions prior to critical decisions. Revealing opportunity to challenge, development in change, and calculated execution.

Branding Strategist

Aside from being a brand strategist, Raechelle Johnson works with individuals from small businesses to large corporations navigating the complexity of challenges in branding and ideation, with opportunities while managing change. Dr. hc Johnson a powerful motivational speaker, a leader in the industry, and a sought-after influencer is also the VP of the Fair Consulting Group lending her expertise to the largest Speaking platform, Fair Consulting Group’s Leadership Experience Tour, the largest speaking platform of its kind in the US. Through this platform, we are able to prepare both aspiring and more experienced speakers to develop their gifts, strengthen their platform and extend their reach via coaching, exposure, and social proof.

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Apply to audition for a future Leadership Experience Tour!  This is your opportunity to speak on the big stage in front of an audience of over 1,000 people (in-person and virtual). The shows will be aired on Exposure TV and Onstage Plus TV. 

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Fall 2021 Keynote Edition!

The fall issue of Keynote Magazine featured the Leadership Experience Tour’s founder, Shawn Fair, along with 40+ plus aspiring speakers associated with the tour.